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From:Yuval Oren Date:September 8 2009 8:26pm
Subject:Configuring to use multiple cores
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I'm evaluating MySQL Cluster 7.0.6 as a possible alternative to our  
own internal in-memory database. I've been testing on a single 2-CPU  
(8 core) machine with one ndb_mgmd, one ndbd, and one mysqld -- no  
redundancy for now. My test program runs between 1 and 100 concurrent  
threads of continuous querying, but no more than 2 cores (1 for ndbd,  
1 for mysqld) are ever saturated, and performance quickly degrades as  
concurrency increases.

Am I missing some key configuration parameters that will use more cores?


Yuval Oren
Attributor - Program the Web

Configuring to use multiple coresYuval Oren8 Sep
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