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From:Andrew Morgan Date:May 7 2009 12:24pm
Subject:RE: Cluster error: The table '' is full
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 MySQL Cluster is typically used as a fully in-memory data and so you can't
have the database exceed the amount of physical memory or the amount of
memory you configured Cluster to use. This would explain why you're seeing
an error. You do have the option to store some of your table data on disk
(however all indexes must be in memory) which would allow you to store your
4 GBytes of data; obviously, there will be a performance impact when reading
or writing disk-based data and so you should aim to use it for the data
which will be accessed less often. You can find the details for storing
table data on disk at

Regards, Andrew.

Andrew Morgan
MySQL Senior Product Manager - Sun Microsystems

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> From: Giovane [mailto:gufrgs@stripped]
> Sent: 07 May 2009 11:24
> To: cluster@stripped
> Subject: Cluster error: The table '' is full
> Dear all,
> I'm having a strange error on MySQL cluster that I would to ask if you
> have any suggestions.
> Here is my configuration:
> Data nodes (2 machines): 3GB of RAM
> Input file: 4GB csv
> DataMemory variable in config.ini file: 2000M
> When loading this 4GB csv file into the database, after a while I get
> this error:
> ERROR 1114 (HY000):ERROR 1114 (HY000): The table  'XYZ' is full
> The thing is that MysqlCluster seems to be limited by this DataMemory
> variable in the config file.
> However, if I try to increase it to more than my physical RAM (>3GB),
> the cluster does not start.
> The question is: does MySQLcluster allow to have larger DB than the
> one limited by RAM?
> If yes, how to solve this issue?>
> Thanks a lot,
> Giovane
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