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From:Jonas Oreland Date:September 16 2004 5:41am
Subject:Re: DB node is too slow
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Mikael Ronström wrote:
> Hi,
> I think that the best solution is to make the partition logic persistent 
> such that the arbitrator works even in the system restart case.
> Rgrds Mikael
> PS. While waiting for such a feature one could easily add a config 
> parameter that restarts even in this partitioned case.

there is already such a parameter (two actually): StartPartialTimeout & 

* StartPartialTimeout
   controls how long a node will wait for _all_ other nodes before
   proceeding with start

* StartPartitionedTimeout
   controls how long a node will wait for unpartitioned state before
   proceeding with start.

Setting both of them to a low value, will make single db node start 
quickly in two node configuration (2 replicas)


> 2004-09-15 kl. 20.24 skrev Crouch, Luke H.:
>> the db nodes only come up when there is sufficient number of nodes to 
>> come up. since your cluster was only a 2 node cluster, the first db 
>> node was waiting for the 2nd one to come up because the 2nd node 
>> contained the active fragment of half the database. in a situation 
>> where the 2 nodes are both up and one goes down, the other knows to 
>> make itself active on both fragments of the db.
>> I think it's a good question about bringing up just one node after a 
>> 2-node crash. and the first thing I thought of was the same - changing 
>> the config.ini to a one node config, restarting with -i and then 
>> restoring a backup. but that gives you a lot of down-time and then 
>> more downtime when you want to go back up to a 2-node setup.
>> I'm interested to hear what the MySQL guys would say about this...
>> -L
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>>> From: Yannis Tsakiris [mailto:gtsakiris@stripped]
>>> Sent: Wednesday, September 15, 2004 9:10 AM
>>> To: cluster@stripped
>>> Subject: DB node is too slow
>>> Hello people,
>>> In a ndb cluster with two DB nodes (2 replicas, 1 node
>>> group), I have noticed that if I try to start only one of the
>>> two DB nodes, its start up process is progressing very slowly.
>>> It stays a lot of time at 'phase #1' and then it stucks in
>>> 'phase #2'. I waited for about ten minutes but it never
>>> passed phase 2.
>>> If I start the two DB nodes together they are coming up
>>> pretty fast. The same happens when one of the two DB nodes is
>>> already started, and I start the other.
>>> What causes the DB node to progress so slow when it runs
>>> alone? What if both my DB nodes crash and (for any reason) I
>>> am unable to start both of them (so they start in a
>>> reasonable amount of time)? Do I have to change my
>>> configuration to one-db-node in such case?
>>> Looking forward for your suggestions.
>>> Regards,
>>> Yannis Tsakiris
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