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From:kasandra Padisha Date:September 15 2004 9:19pm
Subject:NDBCluster: Table is full
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I have a cluster running using mysql-4.1.4a-gamma, on debians 3.0
stable. It has a master (MGM), two DBs and two (API). I included
the config.ini file at the end.

It works pretty well, we have test it all, from one API, from the
other, the sync works OK, .. everything looking good

..but now we are starting to load it with a big amount of
information and we start to have the message:

ERROR 1114 at line 2: The table 'aaaaa' is full

We are running an script that loads lot of information, and
in some places it stops with this message, and it is not
always. We tried to do it by hand, with the tables in trouble,
and it lets to insert one row at a time, but with two it did not.

We tried to increase the max rows as it is shown in the
manual Sect A.2.11 (of course it is for myisam but we gave
it a go) .. but we got an error

ALTER table aaa MAX_ROWS=10000000 AVG_ROW_LENGTH=1039335076;

and returned
ERROR 1005 (HY000): Can't create table './cdr/#sql-4a98_10f.frm' (errno:

strange .. ... Any clue somebody ???

--------------------------------------- config.ini ---------------
NoOfReplicas: 2

Id: 1
HostName: mgm

Id: 2
HostName: proc1

Id: 3
HostName: proc2

Id: 1
ExecuteOnComputer: 1

Id: 2
ExecuteOnComputer: 2
FileSystemPath: /var/mysql/ndb/data

Id: 3
ExecuteOnComputer: 3
FileSystemPath: /var/mysql/ndb/data

Id: 4
ExecuteOnComputer: 2

Id: 5
ExecuteOnComputer: 3

PortNumber: 10002

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