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From:Devananda Date:July 1 2004 1:17am
Subject:ArrayPool.hpp: error: `size' undeclared - fixed !
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Finally got mysql4.1.3-beta to compile with gcc 3.4.0 on mandrake 9.2 
... the error I was getting is
       /../../../../ndb/src/kernel/vm/ArrayPool.hpp: In member function 
`void UnsafeArrayPool<T>::getPtrForce(Ptr<T>&)':
       ../../../../ndb/src/kernel/vm/ArrayPool.hpp:798: error: `size' 
undeclared (first use this function)/
.... (about 5 sets of this error, 1 for each member function)

      well, 'size' is a protected member of UnsafeArrayPool's parent 
class. adding 'this->' in front of 'size' solved the problem. (thanks 
       had to do this in several files: DLFifoList.hpp SLList.hpp 
DLList.hpp DataBuffer.hpp ArrayPool.hpp

and then it compiled!

Hope no one else runs into this little mess...


ArrayPool.hpp: error: `size' undeclared - fixed !Devananda1 Jul
  • Re: ArrayPool.hpp: error: `size' undeclared - fixed !Jonas Oreland5 Jul