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From:Jim Hoadley Date:September 13 2004 11:49pm
Subject:possible to bring up a subset of nodes?
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Using a 4-node cluster with 2 replicas, my testing has shown that a running
cluster will continue to run with a subset of DB nodes, as long as all data is
present. This is as expected :)

But testing also show it is not possible to bring up just a subset of nodes.

In practice, this means that if I'm lucky enough to have the "right" 2 nodes
crash in a 4-node cluster, I'd best not shut them down for even a few seconds,
for if I do the cluster won't be able to restart until all 4 nodes can be
brought back online.

Is this observation accurate? Comments?

-- Jim

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possible to bring up a subset of nodes?Jim Hoadley14 Sep
  • Re: possible to bring up a subset of nodes?Mikael Ronström14 Sep