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From:Tomas Ulin Date:June 12 2004 8:36am
Subject:ALL READ: compiling and running MySQL Cluster
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For building and installing from bk source tree please refer to:
(BUILD/compile... may not work on all platforms)

To enable MySQL Cluster use configure switch --with-ndbcluster.  
(optional switches are, --with-ndb-test, --with-ndb-shm, --with-ndb-sci)

"ndb" binaries and libs are located together with the rest of the mysql 
binaries (mysql/bin, mysql/libexec) and are all prefixed "ndb" or "ndb_".

Some recent name changes have occured (not updated in all places in the 
documentation yet):

ndb -> ndbd
mgmtsrvr -> ndb_mgmd
mgmclient -> ndb_mgm
and others that you may see if doing "ls ndb*" in mysql/bin

Pleare verify your install by running mysql-test-run:
 > cd mysql-test
 > ./mysql-test-run --with-ndbcluster
(if you dont want to run the full test you can just run "ndb" tests with 
--do-test=ndb, a good flag is also --force to enable that the test suite 
continues even if one should fail)

- looking  at the script mysql-test/ndb/ndbcluster shows an example of 
hot to start ndbcluster storage engine
- looking in "mysql-test/var/ndbcluster" you will find the related 
config files etc

IMPORTANT:  you have to use "mysqld --ndbcluster" to enable using 
ndbcluster storage engine and you will have to set environment variable 
NDB_CONNECTSTRING before starting mysqld.  Simplest way to start today 
is (given that you have set PATH to mysql/bin and mysql/libexec):

 > cd mysql-test
 > mysql_install_db
 > ndb/ndbcluster --initial
 > export NDB_CONNECTSTRING="host=localhost:2200;nodeid=11"
 > mysqld --ndbcluster &
 > mysql test -u root
mysql> create table .... engine=ndb;

IMPORTANT: you have to start ndbcluster before starting mysqld

- looking in "mysql-test/ndbcluster" you will find the related config 
files etc

 > ndb/ndbcluster --stop

For more extesive litterature please refer to:

Please see bug status and report bugs at: 
<>,  there is a special category MySQL Cluster.

Builds and "test-runs" have successfully been tested on several linuxes, 
macosx and several solaris versions.



ALL READ: compiling and running MySQL ClusterTomas Ulin12 Jun