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From:Tomas Ulin Date:August 27 2004 9:51am
Subject:ALL READ [was: adding ndb nodes?]
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I feel an urge to break in here so as not to cause confusion.

Today (will change some day) you can not change the number of nodes 
on-line,  we've just added verifications for this in the code because 
doing this will cause the system to break eventually.

Hence to upgrade:
1) make backup
2) shutdown your old cluster
3) bring new cluster up
4) restore

What you've managed to to by going from 4 to 8 on-line will (maybe) work 
if you don't create new tables...  and anyways the data will not have 
redistributed itself in going from 4 to 8, all the data will still be 
located on the 4 first nodes (you should be able to see this if you do a 
load test...).

An online upgrade path will look like follows:

4-node version 4.x -> 4-node version 5.y -> 8-node version 5.z



Devananda wrote:

> I'll give it a test run tomorrow, but I'm fairly sure that you do not 
> need (or want) to do #1 or #5. backing up beforehand is of course a 
> good idea. At minimum,what needs to happen for the cluster 
> configuration to change, change the config.ini (while everything is 
> running is fine), then the next 3 steps I'm not sure what order to do 
> in - start up the new DB nodes (they wont be able to join the cluster 
> at this point) then restart the MGM node (then the new nodes will join 
> the cluster) then restart the old nodes, one at a time; or, restart 
> the mgm node first, so it rereads the config file, then startup the 
> new nodes then restart the old, or restart mgm, restart old, start up 
> new nodes.
> However, the dev's may well correct me on all this ;) I've just been 
> experimenting alot! hehehe...
> Devananda
> Neopets, Inc
> Crouch, Luke H. wrote:
>> the MySQL guys might correct me on some of this, but to rebuild the 
>> node with more db nodes, I think you would have to follow this 
>> procedure...
>> 0. Use management node to create a global backup
>> 1. Use management node to shut down all the db nodes
>> 2. Shut down the management node
>> 3. Change the config.ini file to include the new DB nodes
>> 4. Bring up the management node
>> 5. Bring up each of the db nodes with ndbd -i
>> 6. Use the management node to restore from the global backup
>> that's the process as I understand it to be...?
>> -L
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>>> From: Clint Byrum [mailto:cbyrum@stripped]
>>> Sent: Thursday, August 26, 2004 11:33 AM
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>>> Subject: adding ndb nodes?
>>> Hey guys, first off.. wow.. lots of good questions on this list lately.
>>> ;)
>>> Anyway, I think I have this right, but I'm not sure.
>>> Once the cluster is running.. say with 4 nodes .. can I add nodes 
>>> later?
>>> I understand that 6 nodes is a no-no, but say I wanted to add 4 more
>>> nodes after the cluster has been running for a few months and has 5G of
>>> data in it.
>>> Here's how I think it works. Correct me where I'm wrong:
>>> 1) Add new nodes to the config on the management server.
>>> 2) Start the new nodes
>>> 3) restart the existing db and api nodes one by one
>>> 4) magically new nodes start getting new inserts.
>>> Or is it more complex than that?
>>> Thanks
>>> -cb
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