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From:Devananda Date:August 27 2004 6:10am
Subject:Re: adding ndb nodes?
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I'll give it a test run tomorrow, but I'm fairly sure that you do not 
need (or want) to do #1 or #5. backing up beforehand is of course a good 
idea. At minimum,what needs to happen for the cluster configuration to 
change, change the config.ini (while everything is running is fine), 
then the next 3 steps I'm not sure what order to do in - start up the 
new DB nodes (they wont be able to join the cluster at this point) then 
restart the MGM node (then the new nodes will join the cluster) then 
restart the old nodes, one at a time; or, restart the mgm node first, so 
it rereads the config file, then startup the new nodes then restart the 
old, or restart mgm, restart old, start up new nodes.

However, the dev's may well correct me on all this ;) I've just been 
experimenting alot! hehehe...

Neopets, Inc

Crouch, Luke H. wrote:
> the MySQL guys might correct me on some of this, but to rebuild the node with more db
> nodes, I think you would have to follow this procedure...
> 0. Use management node to create a global backup
> 1. Use management node to shut down all the db nodes
> 2. Shut down the management node
> 3. Change the config.ini file to include the new DB nodes
> 4. Bring up the management node
> 5. Bring up each of the db nodes with ndbd -i
> 6. Use the management node to restore from the global backup
> that's the process as I understand it to be...?
> -L
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>>Subject: adding ndb nodes?
>>Hey guys, first off.. wow.. lots of good questions on this 
>>list lately.
>>Anyway, I think I have this right, but I'm not sure.
>>Once the cluster is running.. say with 4 nodes .. can I add 
>>nodes later?
>>I understand that 6 nodes is a no-no, but say I wanted to add 4 more
>>nodes after the cluster has been running for a few months and 
>>has 5G of
>>data in it. 
>>Here's how I think it works. Correct me where I'm wrong:
>>1) Add new nodes to the config on the management server.
>>2) Start the new nodes
>>3) restart the existing db and api nodes one by one
>>4) magically new nodes start getting new inserts.
>>Or is it more complex than that?
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