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From:Devananda Date:August 26 2004 6:51pm
Subject:Re: adding ndb nodes?
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Clint Byrum wrote:
> Hey guys, first off.. wow.. lots of good questions on this list lately.
> ;)
> Anyway, I think I have this right, but I'm not sure.
> Once the cluster is running.. say with 4 nodes .. can I add nodes later?
> I understand that 6 nodes is a no-no, but say I wanted to add 4 more
> nodes after the cluster has been running for a few months and has 5G of
> data in it. 
> Here's how I think it works. Correct me where I'm wrong:
> 1) Add new nodes to the config on the management server.
> 2) Start the new nodes
> 3) restart the existing db and api nodes one by one
> 4) magically new nodes start getting new inserts.
> Or is it more complex than that?
> Thanks
> -cb

Hey :)

That's it. I've tested this twice myself, going from 4 to 8, it's not 
difficult but I recommend trying it out a couple times before doing it 
on live servers.

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