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From:Devananda Date:August 26 2004 3:59pm
Subject:Re: questions about mysql cluster and it's indended uses
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Marshall D. Lewis wrote:
> As I understand it, the recommended configuration requires at least (db
> size/# nodes) * 2 of ram per node.  For example (using our numbers)
> (36G/3) * 2 = 24G

# of nodes must be a power of NoOfReplicas, which defaults to 2, so you 
can't have 3 nodes. 4, 8, 16, etc... (I recall reading that it was 
intended to be a multiple of NoOfReplicas, not a power, but in my own 
testing, the cluster has only been stable when using 2,4,8 nodes)

> Is that correct?  If only have 8G of ram on those servers would we have
> to give them 16G+ of swap in order to run a cluster?   What effect would
> that have on performance... 

Mikael Ronstrom posted this about a week ago
 >>Not really recommendable to use less memory than the virtual memory
 >>allocated by the ndbd process. We don't test such scenarios.
 >>Probably it works with good performance most of the time, then some
 >>time with lousy performance (due to swapping stopping the process for
 >>every page-in and this will cause problems with the heartbeat
 >>Particularly a full table scan over the table would be nasty since it
 >>will touch the entire tables memory pages and will do so one at a

> In one spot in the documentation it lists column types for ndb tables
> and text and blob types are not in the list.  Does that mean that we
> would not be able to put table using those types into the cluster?  

Again, Mikael posted this about 3 weeks ago

 >>TEXT/BLOB attributes is very soon completed and pushed to the 4.1
 >>clone. Fulltext Indexes on TEXT/BLOB attributes is only supported on
 >>MyISAM and no short-term plans on doing those in MySQL Cluster.

Hope all that helps!

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