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From:Qi Chen Date:August 26 2004 12:07am
Subject:RE: RE: Cluster installation on Solaris 9
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Hello, Alex, Jonas and Magnus,
Finally I got a chance to try MySQL cluster installation on our Solaris
9 machine. I downloaded BK code with "bk clone
bk://" command and run "bk -r edit" (Jonas'
new code).  Then I followed Alex's procedure (see attached email message
below).  Both compile and make were successfully completed (although
with some warnings with autoconf command).  I started ndb_mgmd and ndbd
without problems.  No more Bus error with ndbd command.  This is great. 
Thank you all your help from Alex, Jonas and Magnus.  Greatly
shell> bk clone bk://
shell> cd mysql-4.1
shell> bk -r edit
shell> aclocal; autoheader; autoconf; automake
shell> (cd innobase; aclocal; autoheader; autoconf; automake)
shell> (cd bdb/dist; sh s_all)
shell> ./configure  # Add your favorite options here, e.g.
--with-ndbcluster.  Also specify your own PATH or/and LD_LIBRARY_PATH if
they are not under the default /usr/local directory.
shell> make
shell> make install
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From: Alexander Haubold [mailto:ah297@stripped] 
Sent: Thursday, August 19, 2004 12:41 AM
To: Qi Chen
Subject: RE: Cluster installation on Solaris 9
Hi Qi,
I do not use BUILD/compile-solaris-sparc, but instead the typical way of
compiling a package for Solaris.
First of all, I did a full bk clone, as opposed to a bk edit. For some
reason, the bk edit does not update the newly changed files. Bk clone
downloads the entire tree, and while this is inefficient, it does appear
to download the latest material.
Next, I perform the following procedure starting in the mysql-4.1
   cd innobase
   cd ..
   ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/mysql --with-ndbcluster
   gmake install
Hope this helps. Let me know of any other issues.
- Alex
At 12:50 AM 8/19/2004, you wrote:
> Alex,
> How do you compile the BK code?  Do you use 
> BUILD/compile-solaris-sparc
> script to compile the code?  I download the BK code today (8/18) with
> and run BUILD/compile-solaris-sparc script, I till got the same error.
> I sent the screen dump file to Jonas this morning.  After running BK
> command to download the files, how do we verify the code is the latest
> version?
> Thanks,
> Qi
>Hi Alex & Qi,
>I've now pushed fixes so that I can compile and run 
>mysql-test-run on a Solaris9/sparc.
>It takes some hours before the fixes will be available 
>on the public bk-trees. I would appreciate it you tried them.
>Jonas Oreland, Software Engineer
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