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From:Luke H. Crouch Date:August 25 2004 5:10pm
Subject:RE: Basic questions
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> >Another question - I understand the storage nodes require 
> large RAM (db
> >* 2) and large CPU - but how powerful do these mysql server 
> nodes need
> >to be in terms of ram/cpu?

the mysql server (API) nodes can be run on just about any machine that can run your normal
mysql server. something we ran into with the cluster recently was the network speed, as
there will be many many records returned to the mysql api node machines. as I understand,
that is being worked on.

but, your disk needs will not be as great for the mysql api node machines, since the data
is coming from the memory of the DB nodes and the you can save on that part.

I think it will still be important to have a decent amount of memory, network speed, and
CPU power available to the mysql APIs since they will be receiving and caching records
from the cluster and performing some of the filtering for now (until the filters are
pushed to the DB nodes).

one thing that is important to note on CPU's on the DB nodes...currently, the best way
(only way?) to take advantage of multiple CPU machines is to run a seperate ndbd process
for each processor, I think. so if you have 2 machines, each with 2 processors, you should
actually run a cluster with 4 DB nodes - 2 on each machine.

the memory requirements will remain the same (4*.25 fragments on each machine as opposed
to 2*.5 fragments), but each ndbd process will be able to use its own processor.

I think this is all accurate information as far as I've understood to date. hope it helps.

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