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From:Mikael Ronström Date:August 21 2004 7:46am
Subject:Re: Data persistency
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Hi Clint,

2004-08-21 kl. 02.22 skrev Clint Byrum:

> On Friday, August 20, 2004, at 04:03 PM, Mikael Ronström wrote:
> <snip>
>> 64 bytes for the VARCHAR(20) seems correct.
>> Hash Index for 64 byte PK actually is 33 + 64 = 107 bytes per key 
>> (there is a long key feature that kicks in above 32 bytes that has an 
>> 8 byte overhead)
>>  => This is obviously what causes the 3-4M limit due to the 
>> IndexMemory.
>> 3 * 64 + 4* 4 + (3 * 100 + 4) + 16 = 524 bytes per record in 
>> DataMemory
>> => 61 records per page => 75M records ~40GByte (Thus ~10 GByte 
>> DataMemory per node)
>> 107 * 75 M * 2 replicas = 16 GB => 4 GByte IndexMemory per node
>> => 14 GByte memory per machine.
>> Thus 16 GByte machines should do the trick hopefully.
> Does this mean machines with 16GB of *virtual* memory free to devote 
> to MySQL cluster? How bad is performance going to be on a database 
> like this if the nodes have 8GB of RAM and 10GB of swap (on fast 
> disks.. maybe RAID10)?
> <snip>

Not really recommendable to use less memory than the virtual memory 
allocated by the ndbd process. We don't test such scenarios.
Probably it works with good performance most of the time, then some 
time with lousy performance (due to swapping
stopping the process for every page-in and this will cause problems 
with the heartbeat mechanisms.

Particularly a full table scan over the table would be nasty since it 
will touch the entire tables memory pages and will do so one at a time.

There are work items in the loop to handle these thing for 5.0
Disk data for non-indexed attributes (will use caching mechanisms as 
most disk databases)
Variable-sized records (will save space for VARCHAR's not using the 
maximum space)

>> Currently the ordered index would not work with UTF8 since it 
>> requires the ndb kernel to use the UTF8 compare routines which is 
>> still on the TODO list.
> Uggggh thats kind of a bummer for my intended use. My databases are 
> all UTF8. Is that on the TODO list for 4.1, or 5.0?

We have noted that Character sets is an important feature for many 
users. It has been on the TODO list for a long time but this
request now comes from at least five directions so that will help in 
prioritisation of it. We are currently considering this.

Rgrds Mikael

>> Using the hash index is ok as long as there are exact matches. The 
>> NDB kernel doesn't handle the data, it only puts it into memory and 
>> later retrieves it
>> from memory so the rest should be ok.
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