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From:James Fidell Date:June 24 2004 11:09am
Subject:New to MySQL clustering
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I've just started looking at the MySQL clustering system.  Reading
through the documentation I'm getting the impression that I could
have a number of API servers running, to which my normal mysql
clients could connect, but this would mean that if one of the API
servers failed, I'd have to arrange failover between the mysql clients
and the API servers.

Alternatively, assuming all my tables can be converted to NDB I could
make every single system that uses mysql into an API server, handling
requests only from the that server, which should mean that there is no
failover required for API nodes (and failover amongst the DB nodes is
handled automagically anyhow).

Does that make sense, or have I misunderstood the documentation?

New to MySQL clusteringJames Fidell24 Jun
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