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From:Ronald Wiplinger Date:August 17 2004 5:08am
Subject:Re: problem Compiling MySQL Cluster source file
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On Sunday 15 August 2004 02:12, Gbenga Bello wrote:
> Hello all,
> Please could some one give a help
> I have downloaded the bitkeeper 3.2 with which the guide recommended that
> the mysql cluster source file be compiled. But on installing the bitkeeper
> in Linux Suse 8 it tells me it cannot execute binary file.
> Please could anyone give a guide as to what I am doing wrong
> Or is it that latest version of bitkeeper cannot run on Suse 8?
> Also In the installation guide of mysql cluster for mysql users, it was
> mentioned that the example configuration is for Suse 9.0, will this work
> for my case since I am running Suse 8

Just be brave enough and chmod 777 than you can execute it. Since you do not 
know what is in the bin file, ... you need to brave. (Maybe it formats your 
harddisk.) However, it worked  for me!

> I expect to hear from you all today
> thanks in advance
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