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From:Mikael Ronström Date:August 16 2004 11:34am
Subject:Re: Current setbacks and goals
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Hi Nick,

2004-08-12 kl. 18.09 skrev Nick Gerakines:

> I've made a few posts so far, but figured them both out on my own.
> Thanks guys for your input. Now I'm facing a new set of problems.
> Our farm has 6 computers in it right now. 3 of those are quad 3ghz 
> xeons
> with 4 gigs of ram. The other 3 are Single 3ghz xeons with 2 gigs of
> ram. What I have working is one of the quads acting as an api/mgmt node
> and two of the singles running as database nodes. What I would like is
> to have all 3 singles running as database nodes and having 2 quads as
> api nodes. I'm new to how the cluster model works but would it make 
> more
> sense to have all of the computers running db nodes and just have 2 of
> them on top having api running? How would I configure that. The issue 
> at
> the moment is getting a 3rd and 4th data node running. After 
> configuring
> it and setting it properly, the management node is set and the 3rd and
> 4th are connected but they never get past phase 1 or 2. Anyone have an
> idea how I can get something like that setup?
>  ~ Nick

I would reason as follows.
I have 3 machines with 2 CPU's and 2 GB memory and 3 machines with 4 
cpu's and
4 GB memory. Thus in total I have 18 cpu's with 18 GB of memory. I 
would most definitely
opt for a 4-node configuration at least. So as an example you could 
configure like this:
1 DB node on each of 2-CPU boxes
1 DB node and the mgmt server on a 4-CPU box
1 API node (mysqld) on each of the remaining 4-CPU boxes.

Even bigger configurations then this could be considered.

Rgrds Mikael

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