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From:Mikael Ronström Date:August 10 2004 1:21pm
Subject:Re: status of TEXT column support?
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Hi Arne,
Interesting email address by the way :)

2004-08-10 kl. 14.50 skrev Arne Hueggenberg:

> Hi everyone,
> i just managed to get mysql-cluster installed on 2 dual opterons and 
> when trying
> to import my old data i noticed that TEXT is not supported.
> An older Mail i found in the archives mentioned TEXT being integrated 
> 'very soon'
> So I'm wondering what the status of the intergation is?

BLOB support for MySQL Cluster has been pushed into the 4.1 clone so if 
you use the latest version
you should get it.

> Also, am i right in assuming that with a workload mainly compromised 
> of SELECT Statements a setup putting 1 nbd and one API on each dual 
> opteron machine would be preferable?

A minimum configuration with 2 dual opterons, then one ndbd and one 
mysqld per machine is a good config. With 4 machines it is likely 
better to have one
process per machine, both in terms of throughput and in terms of 
stability of response times. We did a lot of tests in the past with 
both one process per
machine and machines with both processes. One process per machine 
usually had 10-30% better performance and also since the OS only 
schedules one
process the behaviour is more predictable which is good for reliability 
and predictable response times.

Rgrds Mikael

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