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From:Ph.D. Joseph E. Sacco Date:August 6 2004 7:18pm
Subject:Re: Testing the 6Aug04 build
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Thanks for the quick response and the clarifications. 

As for observing the "alleged" memory leak in ndbd:

I am running  "vmstat 2" on each machine. 

On the smaller, memory challenged machine [264MB RAM, 2.4.26 kernel]: 
* swpd [the amount of virtual memory used]
 continues to slowly increase after the cluster is established
* free [the amount of idle memory] 
slowly oscillates after the cluster is established.

On the larger machine [1GB RAM, 2.4.25 kernel]:
* swpd stays fairly constant after the cluster is established.
* free continues to slowly decrease after the cluster is established.


Joseph E. Sacco, Ph.D. <jsacco[at]earthlink[dot]net>

Testing the 6Aug04 buildPh.D. Joseph E. Sacco6 Aug
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