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From:Jonas Oreland Date:August 6 2004 7:56am
Subject:Re: Does backup work?
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Jonas Oreland wrote:
> Joseph E. Sacco, Ph.D. wrote:
>> Question:
>>     Does Backup work [yet]?
> Yes, it should work.
> But it seems like a bug has been introduced lately.
> Please file a bug report,
> and I will look at this tonight or tomorrow morning...
> /Jonas
> ps.
>  > I tried to run a backup of a two replica, two db node, two computer
>  > cluster built from the 5Aug04 code, patch level 1.1953.
> cool: that the latest changeset for me aswell, talk about bleeding edge.
> ds.

Hi Joseph,

Did you file a bug report?

There was a newly introduced bug in the latest snapshot.
I fixed it, and I think the fix will be available within 24 hours on
the public bk-trees.


	Fix is in ChangeSet@stripped

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