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From:Magnus Svensson Date:August 6 2004 7:27am
Subject:RE: problems starting db nodes
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On Thu, 2004-08-05 at 13:49, Tomas Kaminskas wrote:
>  I'm still playing with my Cluster, and got some information, maybe it 
>  will
>  be usefull:
>  I tried to run test suit, that's what I got:
>  [root@fed mysql-test]# ./mysql-test-run --force --with-ndbcluster
>  Installing Test Databases
>  Removing Stale Files
>  Installing Master Databases
>  running
>  sql/mysqld --no-defaults --bootstrap --skip-grant-tables     
>  --basedir=. --d
>  atadir=./var/master-data --skip-innodb --skip-ndbcluster --skip-bdb    
>   --la
>  nguage=../sql/share/english/ 
>  --character-sets-dir=../sql/share/charsets/
>  Installing Slave Databases
>  running
>  sql/mysqld --no-defaults --bootstrap --skip-grant-tables     
>  --basedir=. --d
>  atadir=./var/slave-data --skip-innodb --skip-ndbcluster --skip-bdb     
>  --lan
>  guage=../sql/share/english/ --character-sets-dir=../sql/share/charsets/
>  Starting ndbcluster
>  Starting ndbd
>  Starting ndbd
>  Waiting for started...
>  waitNodeState(STARTED, -1) timeout after 121 attemps
>  Ndbcluster startup failed
>  Brgds,
>  Tomas

Hi Tomas, 

running mysql-test and instructing it to start the cluster up is a good
way to quickly check that "it" works.

A watchdog protocol has been implemented in the product to detect if an
infinte loop(or similar) is entered. On slower computers with little RAM
the watchdog will trigger and shut the node down. Please add the
following config variable to mysql-test/ndb/ndb_config_2_node.ini file.

TimeBetweenWatchDogCheck: 30000
which means to allow for 30000 ms = 30 seconds between each check of the

Best regards

Tips, you can limit mysql-test to run only ndb test using this command:
[root@fed mysql-test]# ./mysql-test-run --force --with-ndbcluster
It will run all tests that start with ndb_*

Magnus Svensson, Software Engineer
Office: +46 709 164 491

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