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From:Alex Wheeler Date:August 6 2004 2:51am
Subject:Re: Experimenting with super-smack-1.2
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I've been very excited about the prospects that MySQL cluster hold - it
just might allow me to solve a problem with MySQL instead of some very
expensive SQL Server boxes and hardware.
However, I've had similar results as Joseph, and I'd also like to know
if anyone has any thoughts or suggestions on improving performance.
I'm using GigE between my 3 computers, 1 being an MGM and API and 2
having 2 DB nodes each speaking SHM, with 1 replica.  And 1 GB RAM each
on the 2 DB nodes.
During the super-smack run I check bandwidth between the boxes, and it's
not much data, anywhere from 7KB/s to 15KB/s send and receive, nowhere
near saturating my GigE connection, so I'm not sure where to look next
to increase performance.  Do I just need to throw more nodes at it?
Would SCI really make a difference here?  I've tried the 2 nodes on each
computer talking using both TCP and SHM, and the scores are about the



Alex Wheeler

Experimenting with super-smack-1.2Ph.D. Joseph E. Sacco1 Aug
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