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From:Mikael Ronström Date:August 4 2004 10:17am
Subject:Re: question on mysql cluster
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2004-08-04 kl. 03.29 skrev Joe Wong:

> Hi,
>  I am studying mysql cluster at the moment. My purpose is solely for 
> failsafe implementation so I am looking at a two nodes mysql cluster 
> solution. What is the pros and cons compared with master/slave 
> replication. For later, I think it can provide me a kind of fail-safe 
> but I need to manually switch over to the slave in case the master 
> fail? I am using python and zope and thus the mysql cluster support 
> for these tools is one of my considerations too.

Python and zope is supported for MySQL Cluster in the same way as for 
other MySQL storage engines.
At the moment there is no fail-over support from a Python or Zope 
client to several MySQL servers but it
is very straightforward to accomplish with a small amount of 
programming. Connector/J has support for
this fail-over so far and other MySQL clients will get it eventually.

Rgrds Mikael

> Regards,
> - Wong
Mikael Ronström, Senior Software Architect


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