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From:Lars Thalmann Date:August 3 2004 6:40pm
Subject:Re: backups?
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Hi Jim,

On Tue, 2004-08-03 at 19:39, Jim Hoadley wrote:
> Where could I find out more information about backing up and retosring data
> stored in the NDB engine? 

The information about backups is not yet included in the 
official MySQL manual.

You can read about it in the "MySQL Cluster Administration 
Guide" guide, which you can find on:

Note, however, that this MySQL Cluster Administration Guide 
is not being updated anymore and that many things in it are 
not up to date. 

We are working on including all information in the 
MySQL manual.

> I presume mysqldump and mysqlhotcopy are supported.


> Are there any new methods specifically for MySQL CLuster? 
> And which methods are recommended in the real world? 

mysqldump/mysqlhotcopy will probably not change behavior
in the future.  NDB backup might.

> In the FAQ it says:
>   Q: Am I able to backup cluster tables without shutting them down 
>      (i.e., "hot online backup")?
>   A: Yes. MySQL Cluster provides Hot Backup
> Using the ndb_mgm client I see the START BACKUP and ABORT BACKUP cmds:
> Backup started. Backup id 1.
> NDB>
> What did this do? 

Started the backup.  See cluster log for when it is finished.

> How can I restore from this back up? What is the procedure?

See Admin guide.

> And I'll be happy to read if all this is published somewhere. Thanks!

Only the "unofficial" Admin Guide, but hope it gives you some hints.

Best wishes,

Dr. Lars Thalmann
MySQL Cluster,

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