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From:Jim Hoadley Date:August 3 2004 5:39pm
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Where could I find out more information about backing up and retosring data
stored in the NDB engine? I presume mysqldump and mysqlhotcopy are supported.
Are there any new methods specifically for MySQL CLuster? And which methods are
recommended in the real world? 

In the FAQ it says:

  Q: Am I able to backup cluster tables without shutting them down 
     (i.e., "hot online backup")?

  A: Yes. MySQL Cluster provides Hot Backup

Using the ndb_mgm client I see the START BACKUP and ABORT BACKUP cmds:

Backup started. Backup id 1.

What did this do? How can I restore from this back up? What is the procedure?

And I'll be happy to read if all this is published somewhere. Thanks!

-- Jim

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