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From:Ph.D. Joseph E. Sacco Date:August 2 2004 2:55pm
Subject:testing the 1-Aug build
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* powermac with dual G4 533MHz cpu's, 1Gb RAM, SCSI disks
* YDL-3.0.1 [2.4.25-ben1 kernel-
* gcc-3.2.2
Ran the test suite:

Failed 5/279 tests, 98.20% successful.
grant_cache                    [ fail ]
mysqlbinlog                    [ fail ]
mysqlbinlog2                   [ fail ]
system_mysql_db_fix            [ fail ]
user_var                       [ fail ]

* The grant_cache problem is known. 
* The system_mysql_db_fix problem has been reported earlier.
* The mysqlbinlog problems are new.
* the user_var problem is new.

=========================some output ===================================

<<mysqlbinlog | mysqlbinlog2 | user_var >>

Errors are (from
/usr/local/src/MySQL/Cluster/mysql-4.1/mysql-test/var/log/mysqltest-time) :
relocation error:
undefined symbol: init_time

This error is rather odd since init_time() is in libmysqlclient.  What's
going on???


Joseph E. Sacco, Ph.D. <jsacco[at]earthlink[dot]net>

testing the 1-Aug buildPh.D. Joseph E. Sacco2 Aug