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From:Mikael Ronström Date:July 30 2004 2:29pm
Subject:Re: 2 nodes or 4
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Hi Paul,
If you are running both a ndbd and a mysqld on each 2-cpu box it is 
good enough. Adding a second
ndbd might in some cases improve throughput but will also heighten the 
risk of swapping and thus
heartbeat failures.

A machine running only two ndbd processes and nothing else can improve 
throughput somewhat but
still one process on a 2-cpu box will have better real-time 
characteristics and will sometimes use the
entire machine (at high write loads).

Rgrds Mikael

2004-07-30 kl. 15.38 skrev Paul G. Weiss:

> If I want to run a cluster on two machines, each with two processors, 
> and each with a mysqld, am I better off running 2 db nodes on each 
> machine, to better utilize the 2 processors, or should I run one node 
> on each?
> -Paul
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