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From:Adam Dixon Date:July 12 2005 5:17am
Subject:Large Table maintainance
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I have a large table containing 12 varchar, 19 int fields. This table
consitantly grows at around 7000 records per hour. With the current
MyISAM solution on a single server - if we delete older rows from the
table, it causes queries to this table (which are done very
frequently) to slowdown considerably - There is probably a technical
explaination to this;
Currently we move the old data in an offline state to another table,
then we optimize the remaining recent data, which takes along time.
So basically using DELETE on the table ruins its speed, can anyone
comment as to if NDBCLUSTER handles the deletion of rows better then
MyISAM? So that we can move older data to a seperate system.

I would love to do a 'on the fly' routine to clear up old data, eg
select and insert into a offline area so that we can maintain the size
of the cluster.

From what I can gather the index's become ineffective if delete is
used on a myisam table.

Or if anyone has any suggestions for this comments would be great.

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