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From:Jonas Oreland Date:May 18 2005 12:17pm
Subject:Re: rolling upgrade
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Dennis wrote:
> On 5/18/05, Jonas Oreland wrote:
>>note the ndbd should be started with "-i" argument.
> What "-i" would that be?? ndbd does not support that flag (at least
> 4.1.12 does not).

I meant --initial

> Are you saying you have to start with --initial and then restore the backup??


> I am having trouble understanding how this will result in a rolling
> backup. I keep getting the feeling that downtime will be required. Am
> I wrong?


--- Brief online upgrade procedure --

Prerequisite: You have a running cluster with NoOfReplicas > 1

1) take backup, only to be used if something goes wrong.
2) restart each ndb_mgmd, one at a time (with new version :-))
3) restart each ndbd "--initial", one at a time
   The starting node will then resync with rest of cluster.
4) restart each mysqld

Result: new version running, no downtime.


Jonas Oreland, Software Engineer
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