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From:Jon Stephens Date:May 18 2005 6:47am
Subject:Re: Alter table clarification
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Hi Stewart,

Stewart Smith wrote:
> On Wed, 2005-05-18 at 01:30 +1000, Jon Stephens wrote:
>>This is correct and is intended behaviour. (Autodiscovery of schema changes 
>>tends to slow things down quite a bit, or so I've been told by one of the NDB 
> We could possibly extend the Event API in 5.1 to do events on schema
> changes (although I envisage this great horrible hack spanning mysqld
> and ndb... but maybe it can be done cleanly). However, this wouldn't be
> synchronous and you could still get these errors, just less often
> (maybe, in certain load situations).
> The right fix would probably be one where if we encounter this error, we
> re-get the frm and try again. This is quite possibly more than a few
> lines of changes though.
> Something for the future though...

Maybe this could also be configurable, like say a 
--mutation-event-retry=[on|off]|[# of tries]|[interval between tries] at startup 
or in the config.ini? Not sure which executable(s) would need to have such an 
option, though...

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