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From:Martin Skold Date:July 23 2004 11:01am
Subject:Re: NDB-Cluster with MySQL 5.0.0 and FreeBSD ports
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It is there, but merely because it has been merged from the 4.1 tree.

It has not been verified it works and for sure the new features such
as stored procedures and views will need to be handled when it comes
to storing their meta-data in the cluster (as we do with tables in 4.1
where the corresponding .frm files are stored together with the table
definitions in the cluster database). Seems like there are some issues
in the build since it does not seem to be installed correctly.
We will start working with 5.0 as soon as the first 4.1 binary release 
is out.

-- Martin

Richard Cooper wrote:

>Can anybody confirm that clustering is in MySQL 5.0.0? And if so has anybody got it
> working from the FreeBSD port? I'd rather use the port for admin ease, and upgrading, but
> it doesn't seem to compile with --with-ndbcluster (no errors that I can see, but no ndb
> support when its installed).
>Failing that has anybody compiled 5 at all on FreeBSD (4.10) with cluster support?
>Thanks for any help on this - I really want to push MySQL as it will save us over 30k
> ukpounds in MS licenses, but we really need stored procedures as well as clustering
> support. 
>Sorry if this is a FAQ, but I didn't see anything related in the archives.

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