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From:Jim Hoadley Date:May 2 2005 6:10pm
Subject:Re: New to Cluster.. (and list)
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Cory --

According to Mikael Ronstrom, MySQL AB, "Some work on Windows 
(has) been performed but it is currently not supported."

Perhaps you could find another OSX box for use in your cluster? 
As has been frequently pointed out on this list, the Management 
server host doesn't require much in the way of RAM, CPU or disk space.

Best of luck.

-- Jim Hoadley
   Sr Soft Eng
   Dealer Fusion, Inc

--- Cory Robin <crobin@stripped> wrote:
> Trying to setup a cluster with a management node on a Mac OSX box and two
> storage/MySQL nodes:  1 on OSX and the other WinServer2003.
> Can anyone help?  I think I've got the management node setup properly as
> it's waiting for the nodes to connect.  I can't figure out how to get the
> Win node to connect.
> Here is my config.ini on the management node (
> ---config.ini---
> NoOfReplicas=2
> # Managment Server
> HostName=        # the IP of THIS SERVER
> # Storage Engines
> [NDBD]
> HostName=        # the IP of the FIRST SERVER
> DataDir= "C:/MySQL Datafiles/"
> [NDBD]
> HostName=        # the IP of the SECOND SERVER
> DataDir=/usr/local/mysql/data
> # 2 MySQL Clients
> # I personally leave this blank to allow rapid changes of the mysql clients;
> # you can enter the hostnames of the above two servers here. I suggest you
> dont.
> ---end config.ini---
> here's what I added to the end of the default my.ini on the Win box
> (
> ---my.ini---
> # Added by CTR for Clustering
> [mysqld]
> ndbcluster
> ndb-connectstring=    # the IP of the MANAGMENT (THIRD) SERVER
> [mysql_cluster]
> ndb-connectstring=    # the IP of the MANAGMENT (THIRD) SERVER
> ---end my.ini---
> -- 
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