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From:Magnus Svensson Date:July 23 2004 8:38am
Subject:Re: 2 server mysql cluster
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On Thu, 2004-07-22 at 19:15, Gerard Ceraso wrote:
> I am working on getting a cluster set up, basically to have 2 working 
> copies of the server so if one fails I just use the other. Since I am 
> only going to have to servers I will have node1 and node2 basically 
> identical with all 3 services. The MGM, DB, and API. Would this be a 
> viable solution? The other thing I am working on is we have a hardware 
> load balancing solution so after reading the documentation I assume that 
> I can write to either node and it will be synced up to the other almost 
> simultaneously. Am I missing something?
> ~gerard


that sounds great.

On each of your machine you would run one NDB node and one MySQL
process(which is an API node), the load balancer would then direct your
SQL queries to either one of the MySQL proccesses, which will in turn
talk to NDB.

The MGM node is only required for a node to fetch it's configuration
when the node starts and is not needed once the NDB nodes has started.
Thus we recommend you to only have one MGM node, to make it easier for
you the configure the system. The MGM node is of course also used to
issue management commands to the cluster but it's not needed for HA.

Best regards

Magnus Svensson, Software Engineer
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