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From:Liam Hoekenga Date:July 21 2004 4:49pm
Subject:Re: using a private network for clustering
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On Jul 20, 2004, at 4:54 PM, Liam Hoekenga wrote:

> Here's what we'd like to do.  We have a cluster of /x/ machines (right 
> now, x = 2), and we'd like to have these machines answer mysql 
> requests on their primary network interfaces (100mbs full-duplex), but 
> to relegate all ndb traffic to a private network on their secondary 
> network interfaces (gigabit ethernet).

I think we figured it out.  The Ndb.cfgs used by ndbd and by mysql need 
to refer to the management server using IP address, but the config.ini 
on the managment server needs to refer to the various nodes by 
hostname.  As long as routing is set up properly for the private 
network, all the traffic appears to go to the appropriate places (at 
least as far as I can tell w/ tcpdump).

We have a cluster of machines set aside already for a web application.  
This web application has a mysql dependency.  What we'd like to do is 
add a local instance of mysql to each of the web servers, and have each 
web server talk to it's local mysql instance, but to have all the 
cluster traffic on a private network.

anyhoo.  The clustering looks very promising!


using a private network for clusteringLiam Hoekenga20 Jul
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