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From:Jim Hoadley Date:April 4 2005 2:12am
Subject:error on loading data
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Reading the documentation and various posts in this list (thank you
Michael and Pekka especially), I have calculated the size of my datbase as
data size=1276M and index size=175M (details available upon request).

Using these formulas and given that I have 2 replicas and 2 data nodes, I
at these settings for config.ini:

DataMemory = (data size + (for each table(number of records * ordered
indexes * 10)) * NoOfReplicas) / number of data nodes (Size * 1.1) *
NoOfReplicas / NoOfDataNodes

IndexMemory = (for each table (for each primary or unique key (size of
attribute + 25))) * NoOfReplicas / number of data nodes


While loading my data (using 'mysql test < db.dump'), the process stops
midway (on table 8 of 20). I've calculated, and at that point, only 639M
of DataMemory and 61M of IndexMemory should be required, therefore it's
unlikely that the error is caused by having either DataMemory or
IndexMemory set too low.

In fact, the error received is "ERROR 1297 (HY000) at line 2777438: Got
temporary error 410 'REDO log buffers overloaded, consult online manual
(increase RedoBuffer, and|or decrease TimeBetweenLocalCheckpoints, and|or
increase NoOfFragmentLogFiles)' from ndbcluster". I have RedoBuffer,
TimeBetweenLocalCheckpoints and NoOfFragmentLogFiles set to their

What should I set these to?

I'm running RHEL 3 (2.4.21-27.0.2.ELsmp) on 2 Dell PowerEdge 1850s 
each w/6GB RAM, and here's my current config.ini:


[ndbd default]
NoOfReplicas= 2
DataMemory= 1404M
IndexMemory= 193M
Diskless= 0
DataDir= /var/mysql-cluster
MaxNoOfAttributes = 2000
MaxNoOfOrderedIndexes = 5000
MaxNoOfUniqueHashIndexes = 5000



PortNumber= 2200 



[tcp default]
PortNumber= 2202


Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

-- Jim Hoadley
    Sr Software Eng  
    Dealer Fusion Inc

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