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From:Jim Hoadley Date:March 29 2005 3:17pm
Subject:Re: Using Cluster for production?
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Jennifer --

My company is putting a 3-node Cluster into production within the next 3 weeks.
Right now we 're porting our application code from 3.22 to 4.1. Our servers
won't be heavily loaded--we're switching to NDB for survivability, not
scalability. We didn't purchase the JumpStart option.

It's surprising to me that more organizations haven't put MySQL Cluster into
production. My guess is that 1) most are taking a wait-and-see approach; 2)
nearly everyone has a working, dependable solution--with replication or
whatever--and if it ain't broke, don't fix it; 3) some particular limitation of
the Cluster product (e.g. only 128 columns allowed per table, no indexes on
text fields) prevents them; and that the #1 reason is the expense of fulfilling
the RAM requirement. Probably people are waiting for version 5 and wishing for
an on-disk option.

As for our company, we feel the Cluster as is suits our needs, and after 9
months of testing--and 6 months of working with EMIC before that--are pretty
eager to put it into production.

I'll let this list know how successful we are ;)

-- Jim Hoadley
    Sr Software Eng
    Dealer Fusion, Inc

--- Jennifer Goodie <jgoodie@stripped> wrote:
> How many of you are using MySQL Cluster in a production environment?  What
> kind of load are your servers under?  Did you purchase the MySQL Cluster
> Jumpstart support option?  I'm a little leery of proposing Cluster as an
> option in a production environment since it has not been around too long, so
> it would be great to hear some success stories.
> Thanks
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