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From:Jim Hoadley Date:March 28 2005 7:46pm
Subject:event thread startup failed
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I've been running backups out of a crontab (twice daily) for months with no
errors using the following string:

/bin/echo "START BACKUP" | /usr/local/bin/ndb_mgm localhost 2200

Recently, I've started monitoring my 2 NDB nodes (once per minute) by running
the following commands via SSH from another machine:

echo "1 STATUS" | /usr/local/bin/ndb_mgm localhost 2200
echo "2 STATUS" | /usr/local/bin/ndb_mgm localhost 2200

Since the monitoring, I've been seeing the following message from the backup

-- NDB Cluster -- Management Client --
Warning, event thread startup failed, degraded printouts as result
Connected to Management Server at: localhost:2200
Waiting for completed, this may take several minutes

And apparently the backup is failing. 

Is the error generated by ndb_mgm or ndb_mgmd?
Anyone seen this before?
Is there a fix?


-- Jim Hoadley
   Sr Software Engineer
   Dealer Fusion, Inc

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event thread startup failedJim Hoadley28 Mar
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