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From:Thomas Bader Date:March 2 2005 10:54am
Subject:Unable to delete table
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Hi there

I'm running MySQL 4.1.9 with ndb enabled. On one of my
tables something weird happened. I don't exactly know what
happened but I guess some other person also working at my
company has tried to rename the table with phpMyAdmin.

The symptoms are:

mysql> use TTServerMgmt;
Database changed
mysql> desc Clients;
ERROR 1016 (HY000): Can't open file: 'Clients.ndb' (errno: 1)
mysql> DROP TABLE Clients;
ERROR 1051 (42S02): Unknown table 'Clients'

I can neither get any information from the table nor am I
able to delete the table.

MySQL writes the following to its logfile:

2005-03-02_10:37:11.85250 050302 11:37:11 [ERROR] mysqld: Can't open file: 'Clients.ndb'
(errno: 1)

All files belonging to the database are read- and writeable
by mysqld. I checked that.

Using the "ndb_select_all" command line tool I'm able to get
all information inside the table. But I'm unable to drop the

db02:~# ndb_drop_table -c dbmgm -d TTServerMgmt Clients
Dropping table Clients...
4243: Index not found

NDBT_ProgramExit: 1 - Failed

How am I able to get rid of this table so that I can
recreate it from scratch? Or is there a possibility to fix
the table? In which occassions does this error occur?

Thanks & Regards, Thomas.
Unable to delete tableThomas Bader2 Mar