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From:Devananda Date:July 16 2004 1:13am
Subject:question about disk usage
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Hi all,

Sorry if this is a basic question, but it's unclear to me at this point 
whether the cluster stores its data on the disk, or purely in memory, 
and what the plans are for this in the future. Basically, the problem 
I've got is this: I put my data in the cluster and stop/start the 
cluster, and all my data's gone. I understand that ideally, one would 
never have to stop the cluster, but realistically, what if there's a 
power failure or other disaster? I can't have all the data just *poof* 
away. And if I were able to run an ordinary backup server (say InnoDB) 
to replicate what is in the cluster, then I really wouldnt need a 
cluster at all. Now ... I notice that before I stop the DB nodes, the 
data directory is very large -- is the data stored there, and is it in a 
recoverable format, and if so, why doesn't my cluster restart with it's 
last known data?

If there's a page on the website that talks about this (that I've 
mysteriously overlooked) please point me there :-)


Neopets, Inc.
question about disk usageDevananda16 Jul
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