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From:Jonas Oreland Date:January 21 2005 6:58am
Subject:Re: sync users in ndbcluster
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Lewis Bergman wrote:
> Len Kranendonk said:
>>Would it be possible to move the mysql.user table to NDBCluster ?
>>Ideally I would like to see that if I create an account on one node,
>>the new created user is able to login to the other cluster nodes as well.
>>Len Kranendonk
> This has been posed before but no answers have come from the development
> side. I guess someone is going to have to set up a test cluster and try it
> out.


Sorry for not replying to this earlier.

As of today one has to add users, grants etc to each mysqld individually.

This is not very fun.

But, we have a patch that fixes that problem by putting these tables 
into ndb. However, the patch had to change some other internals of 
mysqld and it's not very that patch is currently on hold.

It's likely to make it's way into mysqld, but I dare not guess when.


Jonas Oreland, Software Engineer
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