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From:Jonas Oreland Date:January 17 2005 8:44pm
Subject:Re: Embedded API nodes?
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Mike Schroeder wrote:
> We are just finishing up our port of our application (mostly in C) to 
> use MySQL.  My understanding of the typical MySQL Cluster deployment is 
> to have an application connect to a MySQL API node that "proxies" the 
> request into native NDB calls.
> Since our C binaries have been ported to link libmysqlclient.a, am I 
> correct in understanding that we could change them to link libmysqld.a 
> instead, and then every one of our binaries would become an API node 
> speaking NDB directly to the DB nodes (bypassing the need to have a 
> MySQL server to proxy/translate the request)?  Assuming we kept the app 
> servers and the NDB DB servers on something like SCI or Infiniband, is 
> there any reason to not pursue this approach?

Hi Mike,

I can only see one reason not to pursue,
that we never tested it ourself.

It's however something that's been on our todo list for
quite some time, as we think that it an intresting concept.

So if you would go ahead, please let us know how it works out and
don't hestitate to ask questions.


Jonas Oreland, Software Engineer
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