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From:Tomas Ulin Date:November 26 2004 1:25pm
Subject:Re: what's the safest way to alter tables ?
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bash-2.05b$ perror --ndb 800
Error code 800:  Too many ordered indexes (increase 
MaxNoOfOrderedIndexes): Permanent error: Insufficient space

after you get an "internal" ndb message yuo can also do:

mysql> show warnings;
mysql> show errors;

martin@stripped wrote:

>Hi all,
>I've got a cluster running (1 mgmd, 2 ndbd's and 2 mysqld) on 2 machines.
>I'm using MySQL 4.1.7 on Debian btw.
>So far, so good.
>Now, one of the machines is already running a database (with 48 tables)
>which I want to convert to ndb.
>As my SQL skills are less developed then my Perl skills I wrote a little
>program to fetch the tablenames and do an ALTER TABLE after that.
>The first 15 tables converted without a problem, but then the script got
>"DBD::mysql::st execute failed: Can't create table './nagios/#sql-6e3a_115.frm'
> (errno: 800) at ./ line 32." errors.
>I suppose the sql-6e3a_115.frm file is a temporary table.
>When this happened I was running out of time so I had drop all tables
>(twice, that was fun to find out) stop the mysqld's, remove all clusterfiles,
>remove the tables on both machines and put back the backup I earlier made.
>Now I've got 2 questions.
>1) is there a way to prevent the errno 800 of popping up ?
>2) is there an easier way to drop all data in the cluster ?
>Thanks for your time,

what's the safest way to alter tables ?martin25 Nov
  • Re: what's the safest way to alter tables ?Tomas Ulin26 Nov