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From:Tomas Ulin Date:November 10 2004 4:21pm
Subject:All read: New portnumber
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MySQL Cluster has been using the default port 2200 for the management 
server in the past.  This has not been a port that is "free to use".

We have now gotten a port number for MySQL Cluster assigned to us from 
IANA which is 1186.  From 4.1.8 this will be the default port number. If 
you have specified a port for the management server explicitly in your 
config files you will not be affected by this.  E.g.

[ndb_mgmd] or [mgm]
PortNumber: xxxx

mysqld and all tools will default connect to this port (1186) so you 
should not experience a problem with this change, unless you need to 
open up firewalls or similar for this port.

To make as small changes as possible, TCP portnumbers for the internal 
cluster communication will default be allocated starting at 2202 as they 
have been before.  However it is _highly_ recommended that you specify 
this number explicitly in your config files:

[tcp default]
PortNumber: xxxx



For more information on port numbers see:


All read: New portnumberTomas Ulin10 Nov