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From:Tomas Ulin Date:November 4 2004 9:56pm
Subject:Re: notes porting myisam to ndb
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John, can you provide some more info so we can fix the problems?  See below.

John Stile wrote:

>Using mysql-max-4.1.7-pc-linux-i686 on Debian stable, 2GB RAM, with dual
>2.4G Xeon, running MGM, NDB, and API with 2 replicas.
>I ported the schema of a LAMP email application named 'messenger' to
>mysql cluster (all TYPE=MyISAM to ENGINE=NDBCLUSTER).  Loading data
>still in progress, but I should report my finding thus far.  See
> for the 'messenger' company's website.
>Loading the schema generated 
>  163 UserTables
>   54 OrderedIndex
>   27 UniqueHashIndexs
>  135 IndexTriggers
>   81 HashIndexTriggers
>Some issues with NDB were uncovered during the port:      
>      * LONGBLOBS
>After a failed create of one table, the table appears in ndb_show_tables
>but not in mysql 'show tables'. I tried to clear the table without
>success with ndb_drop_table and dropping the database.  I had to
>reinitialize the ndbd node to clear the table with 'echo <node> restart
>-i' | ndb_mgm.  Any attempt to alter or read the ghost table resulted in
>the error:
>  ERROR 1005 (HY000): Can't create table './somedomain_com_messenger/popmail.frm'
> (errno: 156)
Can you reproduce this an provide the create table statement that fails?

>There seems to be a problem with 'longblob' and 'longtext' with
>ENGINE=NDB, but converting both to 'mediumblob' allowed the schema to
>load. The error looks like:
>  ERROR 1005: Can't create table './somedomain_com_messenger/statistics.frm' (errno:
> 4242)
You had run out of available indexes, you'd have had to  increase a 
config parameter.
see perror --ndb 4242
Error code 4242:  Too many indexes: Permanent error: Application error

>I had to convert 'varchar(255)' to  'tinytext' to get past the error: 
>  ERROR 1118: Row size too large. The maximum row size for the used table type, not
> counting BLOBs, is 4092. You have to change some columns to TEXT or BLOBs
should be 8k from 4.1.8

>On several tables, where 'UNIQUE KEY `PRI` (`id`)' was set on the
>already 'PRIMARY KEY  (`id`)' resulted in a load error.  Removing the
>UNIQUE line allowed the schema to load.  From what I have been told.,
>since the primary is already unique, unique was redundant. 
Can you provide some create table constructs that fail so we can fix it.




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