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From:Tomas Ulin Date:November 3 2004 9:22pm
Subject:Followup: New important section in manual
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(sorry my previour mail came out wrong, I'll stay off html-formatting ;-) )

Hi All,

I'm now following up my previous mail.

We're in the midst af planning for the development next year, what goes 
into 5.0, 5.1 and so on.  We want to make sure we catch as much as 
possible of what you, our users, want out of MySQL Cluster.

You have the link with limitations in 4.1: 
and _no_ more features will go into 4.1, there will only be bug fixing 
and fixing performance related issues (those that deemed not to endanger 
the stability).

So to make sure we get as close as possible to releasing what you need 
we would really appreciate if you can take some time to answer the 17 
questions below (feel free to skip any, but the more input we get, the 
better we can provide you with what you need).  Send it as a reply to 
this mail, to the cluster list, or to me as you please. And feel free to 
add any additional input that you might think of.

So here are the questions:

   0. Are you using/considering using MySQL Cluster for production, 
reasearch, fun? 
       And if still considering, in what timeframe?

  1. What application or type of application are you using/intending
     to use MySQL Cluster for?  E.g.

   * Telecom Operations
   * Real-time subscriber information/profiles/authentication (Catalog
     Lookups, login/pwd, HLR databases)
   * Real-time billing information (usage records produced when a user
     uses a service, e.g. VOIP calls, CDRs)
   * Dynamic state data for online systems (session management)
   * Web applications (e-Commerce site, online shopping carts)
   * Real-Time Data Access for Finance (real-time financial information
     e.g. stock info,trading info, position info)
   * Real-Time Systems Monitoring (log aggregation, looking for
     patterns/particular values on a very dynamic datastore)
   * or other. What if so?

  2. What are the most important characteristics of your application (high
     availability, response time, scalability)?


  3. If you are considering MySQL Cluster and this is an existing 
    * What database are you currently  using? 
    * What critical database features are you using?
    * What features are missing in the current database?

  4. Why are you using/considering MySQL Cluster (HA, performance, 
    platform support, packaged solution)?

  5. Are there any specific performance metrics you needed/are trying to 
    *Transaction volume :
    * Read/write ratio :

  6. Do you have any specific HA metric expectations or requirements?

  7. What is the size of your database?
    * GBytes:
    *Number of tables:
    * Rows:

  8. What platforms do you need to support for?  (hardware, CPU, 
operating system,
    other software)?

  9. What other databases are you considering?

 10.  What issues have been encountered while you've been using MySQL 
Cluster so far?/
    * What version are you using (version, own build, built yourself)?
    * Installation issues:
    * Configuration issues:
    * Setup issues:
    * Bugs encountered:
    * Documentation issues:

 11. Anything keeping you from continuing development and/or deploying 
on MySQL
      Cluster? (usability, stability, performance, features)

 12. Are there any critical features that MySQL Cluster does not support 
       keeping you from solving your problem? (Foreign Keys, Joins, 
Disk-based data,    Replication, BLOBs, etc)

 13. What are the other MySQL Cluster pain points you can think of?

 14. Can you comment on the documentation?

 15. What additions or changes to MySQL Cluster would be required in the 
        term (next 3-6 months to take it into production)?

 16. What  are the aspects of MySQL Cluster that are particularly 
suitable for your application and have they worked well?
  Other Comments?

Thank you very much for your input,

Tomas Ulin
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