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From:Tomas Ulin Date:November 2 2004 1:54am
Subject:Re: need to drop a table twice
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see and select cluster

John Stile wrote:

>Using mysql-max-4.1.7-pc-linux-i686 on Debian stable, 2GB RAM, with dual
>2.4G Xeon, running MGM, NDB, and API with 2 replicas.
>When dropping a database, first attempt reports error 17, but second
>attempt reports dropped.  Is this normal or a bug?  Is there a special
>flag to mysqladmin or a special version for clusters?  After the first
>attempt, all tables in the database are dropped from all members of the
>cluster, but the database remains on all nodes.  The second attempt
>removes the database from the API node it was run from.
>perror 17
>   Error code  17:  File exists
>mysqladmin -u root -p31nux4u drop somedomain_com_messenger
>    mysqladmin: DROP DATABASE somedomain_com_messenger failed;
>    error: 'Error dropping database (can't rmdir './somedomain_com_messenger/', errno:
> 17)'
>mysqladmin -u root -p31nux4u drop somedomain_com_messenger 
>    Database "somedomain_com_messenger" dropped

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