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From:Tomas Ulin Date:November 2 2004 1:52am
Subject:Re: All is lost after cluster shutdown
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Are you using the diskless option? (see config.ini)


Russell E Glaue wrote:

> After issuing a clean shutdown of the MySQL cluster, and then a proper 
> start up of the MySQL cluster, all tables created as engine=ndbcluster 
> are gone after the startup.
> I had experienced this the first time I tried this, and so this second 
> time I first backed up the cluster before shutting down.
> This second time I attempted to recover the cluster with my backups.
> When issueing the command correctly, ndb_recover does not do anything.
> Would someone tell me, what is the appropriate behavior of previously 
> clustered tables after restarting the cluster from a complete shutdown.
> Are not the clustered tables supposed to be available and seen in the 
> cluster nodes?
> Or is this in-memory cluster just that... in memory only, and once 
> shutdown all clustered tables are lost?
> What is the behavior?
> -RG

All is lost after cluster shutdownRussell E Glaue1 Nov
  • Re: All is lost after cluster shutdownTomas Ulin2 Nov