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From:Carsten Pedersen Date:March 24 2004 8:17am
Subject:Re: Study guides
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Hello Andrew, 

On Tue, 2004-03-23 at 20:21, Andrew Presley wrote:
> I'm about to start preparing for MySQL certification.  Some of the 
> information on the website
> seems outdated or maybe I'm just missing something.  

I am afraid the information is indeed a bit dated. I will look into this

> The website states "In 
> 2003, MySQL AB will publish Study Guides for both the Core and the 
> Professional certifications".  Have these been
> released yet?

No, but they are very close to being so -- they have been sent to the
printers, and I expect to see them in bookstores across the world
starting mid-April.

>   If so where can I find them or am I just overlooking them on 
> the website.
> The website also states "in 2003, MySQL AB will also add a MySQL Certified 
> PHP Developer certification to the existing program."  When/Will this 
> certification be offered?

The release of ths certification has been pushed back a bit, I expect to
see it released late in 2004.

Thank you for the heads-up on the errors in the information!

Best regards,

Carsten H. Pedersen

Carsten H. Pedersen
Coordinator of Development, Certification Manager

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