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From:Carsten H. Pedersen Date:April 25 2003 8:31pm
Subject:MySQL Professional Beta Exam and Discounts Available
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Some news from the MySQL Certification Program:

* The second tier of the program, the Professional Certification, is
  now available as Beta!
* Discounts on both the Core and the Professional Beta Certification
  tests are available from!

MySQL Professional Exam goes Beta

After a long time in development, the MySQL Professional exam is now
finally available in a Beta release. The Professional Certification
is aimed at the expert user with many months of experience using,
managing and optimizing MySQL installations and queries, using InnoDB
features, etc.  You can read more about the Professional Certification
exam on

Note that you must pass the MySQL Core Certification exam before you 
can take the Professional exam. 

You can register for the Professional Certification exam starting 
today on Before you register, please make 
sure you read the rest of this e-mail to see how you can get a discount 
on the Beta exam!

Discounts on Certification Exams Available

Coinciding with the release of the Professional exam is the first 
ever MySQL Users Conference and Expo which was held in San Jose April
10-12. This, too, is an extremely important event in the development 
of MySQL AB as a company -- and we want to celebrate it!

So starting from the first day of the conference and for a limited
time, we offer MySQL Certification exams at a discount, with three 

Option A: 10% discount on a MySQL Core exam
Option B: 10% discount on a MySQL Professional Beta exam
Option C: Buy BOTH a Core exam and a Professional exam and get 15%
          discount on both.

To make use of this offer, 
* Point your browser to and order the exams
  you want to go to. 
* Once your order has been processed, you will be e-mailed vouchers 
  to use for your testing registration with VUE.
* If you haven't already done so, create a MySQL account on the 
  Pearson VUE website This part of the 
  registration process can take up to 24 hours, as the registration 
  must first be approved.
* Register for the exam(s) you want to go to on 
  When you get to the payment details, enter the voucher number you 
  have received from MySQL AB for that particular exam.
* Go to the exam!

Note that exam vouchers bought through this program must be used
no later than June 30th, 2003.

Best regards,

Carsten H. Pedersen
Certification Manager, MySQL AB

I'm MySQL Certified - are you? --
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MySQL Professional Beta Exam and Discounts AvailableCarsten H. Pedersen26 Apr