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Threads for Apr 2000

AUTO_INCREMENT bug after inserting negative valuemessagesjason king, Manuel Lemos, Michael Widenius, sinisa30 Apr
Apostrophes and quotes within a comment confuse the mysql clientmessagesJan Dvorak, Michael Widenius28 Apr
Create tables not neccesarily written to update logmessageMichael Widenius23 Apr
Long enum list field vs. select ... group bymessageMichael Widenius23 Apr
Problem with "HAVING" and quoted field aliasesmessageMichael Widenius23 Apr
Mysql update logs trouble.messagesMichael Widenius, sinisa, Tonu Samuel20 Apr
Should ER_ERROR_MESSAGES be 1175 not 175 ?messagessinisa, Tonu Samuel19 Apr
Replication CapabilitiesmessagesMichael Widenius, Thimble Smith18 Apr
non-existent keysmessageslearning user, Michael Widenius15 Apr
problem during installing mysql_install_dbmessagesravi, Thimble Smith14 Apr
update bugmessagesMichael Widenius, suopanki11 Apr
BUG: Probem with nested string functionsmessageseb, Michael Widenius10 Apr
BSDI 4.1 With MYSQLmessagesMichael Widenius, Rodrick Brown <System Administrator>10 Apr
libmysql.c should #include errno.h, not sys/errno.hmessagesMichael Widenius, Nick Johnson, Thimble Smith9 Apr
crash-me: LIMIT vs. TOPmessageTonu Samuel8 Apr
Warning: Got signal 14 from thread 4messageselfchief, elfchief, Michael Widenius, Thimble Smith8 Apr
all-recursivemessagesChickadee, Thimble Smith8 Apr
Bug with concatenated "trim" and "concat"?messagesMichael Widenius, Thimble Smith8 Apr
Index bug when using MyIsam table and multiple columns indexmessageThimble Smith7 Apr